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HER News – Nov 2019

The holiday season has rolled around and with the whirl of excitement, it’s easy to let personal goals and deadlines slip. Slip they may, but do not forget or neglect the goals you set. There is still so much time left in the year to accomplish your goals. Don’t allow time, or the lack of it, to make you feel defeated. With each new day lies a new opportunity.
Now let’s jump into this issue of HER News!
Spiritual Life
Health & Fitness
Mental Health & Healing
Cooking & Food
Business & Career
Hair & Beauty
Fashion & Style
Travel & Entertainment
Social Impact & Philanthropy 
Pregnancy & Parenting
Love & Relationships
Sex & Intimacy
Home & Garden
Social Networking
Weddings & Events

See you on December 15th with the next issue of HER News.

P.S. Sorry for the delay with this issue. We let it slip a little, but we got it done!! I wish the same for you. #PUSH

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