Planning & Goal Setting

2020 Planners for Every Woman

2020 has arrived! January 1st, 2020 does not just mark the start of the year, but the start of the decade! Resolutions, goals and visions are whirling around the minds and hearts of women all across the globe, and sometimes phones and journals just aren’t enough to capture (or organize) all that’s in our hearts, let alone the demands of our daily lives.

Planners are an essential new year purchase as they help to guide the year by organizing our schedule and providing pages to schedule appointments, jot down goals, to-do lists and even scriptures and sermon notes (yes, some of these planners are that detailed).

Remember though, a planner is only effective if you use it. If left blank and unused, so many of your goals may not be actioned to their full potential.

For: Anyone

Happy Planner
Happy Planner boasts that they have a planner style for everyone: from academic planners for students, course planners for teachers, budget planners, fitness planners and so much more. Simply select your planner based on preferred size, layout and theme and then customize to your specific needs and accessorize with various inserts.

Happy Planner

Life Planner by Erin Condren
The best-selling planner that’s proven to increase productivity and time management. Track your goals in style with the completely customizable LifePlanner. You can even add your own photos to the cover!

Life Planner

The Simplified Planner
The Simplified Planner is a beautiful, joyful agenda for busy women in all seasons of life. Designed minimally on purpose, its open pages serve as a fresh start every day.

Simplified Planner.png

Full Focus Planner
The Full Focus Planner allows you to focus on the work that matters so you can achieve your goals. It’s minimalist design makes it the perfect fit for any gender.

Full Focus Planner.png

The Very Busy Planner by Amy Knapp
This easy-to-use 2020 organizer helps even the busiest woman gain control of her active lifestyle. The format features weekly and monthly calendar grids, weekly to-do lists, inspirational quotes, color-coded stickers, and goal-setting and activities for self-reflection and growth.

VB Planner

Day Designer
Day Designer is a simple system created to help you manage your schedule and tackle your to-do list. It is described as the perfect 2020 planner for students, teachers, busy people or anyone who wants to live an intentional life.

Day Designer.png

Refresh Weekly Planner
The 2020 Refresh Weekly Planner collection features many of the well-loved design details from previous editions, as well as a few revised features, designed to help you minimize daily chaos and get back to an organized, intentional, and productive life.

Refresh Weekly Planner.png

For: The Bride

Wedding Planner by Erin Condren
Reduce stress and tackle to-dos before you say “I do” with the ultimate Wedding Planner!

I Do Bridal Planner by Kate Spade
There are many small things that happen in the lead-up to “i do“. This heart knot bridal planner will help you stay organized through it all.

Miss to Mrs Bridal Planner
Don’t forget a beloved tradition or lose track of a single detail with Kate Spade New York’s pretty but practical wedding planner that makes the transition from “miss” to “mrs” absolutely unforgettable.

For: The Church Girl

Hope Planners
The Hope Planner is a Christian planner for women who want to remember their prayer time and Bible study everyday like they remember tasks and appointments. Designed to be more than just a planner with Bible verses – the Hope Planner is a daily planner and prayer journal in one, a devotional planner that keeps you focused on the Word and staying organized.

The Covered Planner
Covering your day from start to finish with scripture writing, prayer, gratitude, daily scheduling, prayer lists, sermon notes, goal setting, reflection, and so much more!


For: The Entrepreneur or Businesswoman

Business Boutique Goal Planner
Putting your goals on paper is the first step to achieving them and making your dreams happen. That’s exactly why #1 national best-selling author Christy Wright created the 2020 Goal Planner to help you grow in your business and personal life. It’s your personal guide to getting results. It includes tactical lessons, challenges, ways to stay motivated, and so much more! It’s the exact process Christy uses to set goals.

Goal Planner

For: The Homemaker, Housewife or Clean Freak

The Homekeeping Planner by Clean Mama
The Homekeeping Planner is a simple planner for keeping track of cleaning, organizing, and everyday tasks. Sick of feeling overwhelmed with all that there is to do? The Homekeeping Planner™ takes the guesswork out of the dailies and gives you a framework for a clean home.

For: The Mom

Family Organizer by Amy Knapp
Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer is parenting tested and mom approved! This #1 National Bestselling format is easy to use and helps even the busiest of families gain control of their active lifestyles. The 17-month 2020 organizer features weekly and monthly calendar grids, weekly grocery lists, weekly to-do lists and inspirational quotes, and color-coded stickers.

Family Organizer

Mama Love Planner
The only planner designed with the spiritual, mental & physical well-being of mamas in mind.


For: The Wife

Marriage Success Planner
Take your communication about money, sex, intimacy and more to a whole new level.


Want to learn more about goal setting and to begin mapping your goals for the year? Check out our Focus of the Month for January: Creating A Goal-Map & Schedule.