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20 Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day During COVID-19

Despite the fact that we’re all quarantined in our respective homes, Mother’s Day is not cancelled! After reading our last blog on Bahamian Moms on Life with Kids During COVID-19, don’t you agree that moms truly deserve to be celebrated this Mother’s Day?


Here are some suggestions on how you can celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day while also supporting Bahamian businesses.

Before we jump in though, please consider that you may have to be a bit creative regarding when you celebrate Mother’s Day due to lockdown restrictions. For example, either you celebrate on the Friday before or the Monday after so that your items are delivered fresh (particularly the flowers or food deliveries). You can also have the items delivered on Friday and surprise your mom on Sunday. It really all depends on your preference and the gift(s) you choose.

F.Y.I. Mothers Day is Sunday, May 10th.

1. Dinner

Why not give mom a break from the kitchen? This Mother’s Day, treat mom to her favourite dish.

Alternatively, you can order food from your favourite restaurants on the Kraven app. Restaurants such as  Twisted Lime and Wild Thyme are also open for takeaway orders.

Copy of 7 x 5

Mom should only be smiling and resting this Mother’s Day!

2. Sweet Treats

What’s a celebration without cake?! Take A Bite Bahamas, Tamdelore Cakes and The Boutique Cake specialize in beautiful cakes and are offering delivery services. Why not have a little fun with a smashcake from Bahamas Smash Cakes? Baked to Confection and Cinn-a-ddiction also specialize in various sweet treats.


Beautiful  Mother’s Day cake by Take a Bite Bahamas.

3. Outfit

Runway To Parris is currently running a Mother’s Day Bundle which includes one apparel item, a custom treat box by Hello Cupcake and a Mother’s Day card. The promotion ends on May 10th so make sure you catch the offer before it ends!


Shop The CC is also still making local deliveries!


Owner of Shop The CC, Lavonne Alexis, rocking a beautiful Shop the CC suit

4. Shoes

Shoe Luxxe is accepting orders and offers delivery.


Cute pair of wedges sold by Shoe Luxxe

5. Handbag

Tingsy Bahamas is taking orders for their range of unique handbags and jewellery.


They are also offering a special just for moms: handbag + earrings for $40!

6. Customized Gift

Pixie Prints is providing an assortment of customized gifts for Mother’s Day, ranging from wine glasses to coffee mugs. Print It On Printing also specializes in customized wine classes, mugs and T-Shirts. Create My Tee by Weeech also specializes in customized T-Shirts. Mom will be able to look back on her customized gift with a smile for years to come!


7. Song or Poem

Consider getting a Sing-a-gram by Chae or a customized poem by Island Sheek Poetry if you want to be creative. Another suggestion is to try your hand at creating your own poem for your mom.


8. New Phone

Aliv is still open for business and while they are not currently accepting cash, you can make purchases with your credit or debit card.


9. Floral Arrangement

The Greenhouse FloristBlooming Buds and Buds and Blossoms are providing floral arrangements by pre-order only.


10. Fruit Arrangement

Lux n Luvv and Fruity Occasions are currently having Mother’s Day specials.


Arrangement by Lux n Luvv

11. Scented Candles

Scented Escape Candle Company and Pretty Cozy Things specialize in scented candles to add that extra warmth to your mom’s home.


Scented Candles by Scented Escape

12. Self Care Products

Angie’s Accessories specializes in hand soap gels, Bath and Body Works sprays and celebrity mists, among other things. Give mom a gift she is sure to use and love!


13. Balloons

Make it a real celebration with a beautiful balloon garland from Perfect Finish Bahamas.


Balloon Garland by Perfect Finish Bahamas

14. Make-up

For all the beauty lovers, ICON Cosmetics and Flawless Addictionz are still accepting orders for all your make-up essentials ranging from eye shadows to lipsticks to make-up brushes. Give mom the gift of quality make-up products or give her a make-over to remind her that she’s still got it!


15. Pamper Day

Show mom how special she is to you by spending the day pampering her and catering to her needs. You can give her a massage, manicure or pedicure. Hey, why not all three? Mom deserves to be waited on hand and foot so when she asks you to do something, don’t complain; instead, do it with a smile.


16. Virtual Party

Don’t live with your mom but still want to have a party? Zoom and House Party are two apps that can be used to host a virtual party for your mom. If you are looking for ideas for activities during the party, you and your family can download the  Kahoot! app and create a Trivia game to see which one of you know your mom the best.


17. Video Shoutout

Ever considered purchasing a ZNS advertisement? Why not let everyone know how much your mom means to you by paying for a Mother’s Day ad on ZNS? She’ll be smiling ear to ear for 24 hours straight!

Alternatively, you can create a homemade video for mom. Let all the kids record a special video for mom saying how much she means to you. You can put all of the individual videos together on iMovie, InShot, Quik, Splice or any other video editing app.


18. eCard

Canva is an app that can be used to create graphic designs. You can design a card for your mom on the Canva app. You can also choose from Hallmark’s assortment of eCards on their website.


19. Online Course

Has your mom been talking about something that she has always wanted to do? Well during this season of quarantine, why not pay for a course so that your mom can enhance her skills in a desired area? Goombay House is hosting a Virtual Cooking Experience for $24.95. 


20. eGift Card

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re still not sure what your mom likes, why not consider getting her an electronic gift card (aka eGift card)? Amazon has e-gift cards for everyone’s pocket. In fact, most of her favorite online stores likely offer e-gift cards. Check out the respective websites and purchase a gift card for your mom. That way, she’ll get to purchase what she wants, whenever she wants to. Sounds like a win to me!


We would like to wish all of the beautiful mothers, step-mothers and adopted mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day! We see how hard you work and we are so proud of you.

Which one of our ideas are you going to use this Mother’s Day? 

Let us know in the comments!

Know of other companies with special deals and promotions? Let us know in the comments as well. We’re always on the lookout for good deals!

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