Hadassah Deleveaux

She grew up hearing the Word of God and being positively influenced by a godly mother.  However, by the end of her first year in college, she was pregnant.  It took another five years before she would have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ Himself. 

Today, if you ask Hadassah Deleveaux (née Hall) who she is, her first descriptor would be: a Christian. She is also a wife of three years, the mother of just one daughter – who is 28 years old – a mother-in-law and over the past year, a doting grandmother to her favourite little, energetic, sweet guy – although she doesn’t look like grandma status! 🙂

This former reporter turned public relations executive, is a gifted writer and poignant storyteller, who blogs about making the Bible practical for everyday living; she believes in being a doer of the Word and not simply a hearer. She is also passionate about showing the other side – the positive side – of those who grew up ‘over-the-hill,’ like her, who have consciously decided to not cave into the negativity which has overshadowed this culturally rich, crime-infested community. 

Meanwhile, Hadassah subscribes to the belief that the highest form of faith is preparation…prepare for what you are believing for.